Hitachi 18 V Tools Circular Saw , Sawzall, Hammer Drill , Drill Used .Bare Tools $35.00
Hitachi DS18DSDLP4 18V Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2" Drill Driver (Tool Only) New $59.00

Hitachi 12V Cordless Driver/Drill, 3/8″ Chuck, Bare Tool, READ DESCRIPTION

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Item Specifics:  I am sending you the battery with this item but it is for reference only.  This battery is dead and will not charge.  You will need to replace it with a different battery in order to use the tool.  You will have this battery in order to know exactly what type of battery the tool requires so you can replace it easily.

Item Defects:  This item is dirty from being used.

CONDITION:  I try to put significant issues with condition in the description section, but you should always refer to the pictures for item condition.  I can not list every aspect of the item’s condition in the description but I do include pictures of several angles with every listing.

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