4.8123-Person Infrared Cedar Sauna


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Mar-23-2020 4:21:47
Sales Price: 1,696.00

3Person inchfrared Cedar Sauna

4.812Harvia Kip-80b  8KW, Stainless steel Sauna Heater NEW


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Mar-20-2020 12:24:09
Sales Price: 749.99

Harvia Kip80b 8KW, Stainless steel Sauna Heater NEW

4.8122-Person Infrared Indoor Sauna-10 Year Warranty


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Mar-24-2020 6:31:47
Sales Price: 1,249.00

2Person inchfrared inchdoor Sauna10 Year Warranty

4.812Spectra Near Infrared Sauna


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Sales Price: 299.99

Spectra Near inchfrared Sauna

4.812Mobile Sauna Mobiba


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Mar-7-2020 19:48:14 PST
Sales Price: 876.00

Mobile Sauna Mobiba

About Saunas/

About Saunas/

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How a Queer-Run Sauna Brought Me Back to My Russian Roots

My family visited the banya—a traditional Russian sauna—almost every weekend, and sometimes more during winter holidays ... When I rejoined them they would erupt in a chant of “exhaust my fire”—a ...

How to Paint a Cedar Sauna

If you're repainting an older sauna, wash the walls with a mild detergent, then peel away any paint that's flaking or chipping and sand the edges smooth with a rotary tool using sanding accessories.

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It comes with 44lbs of sauna stones, strong tempered glass door and a 9 kW sauna heater. It can be used as both an indoor or outdoor barrel sauna. This is one of the more user-friendly and technically ...

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and the sauna change room should reflect the natural wood and materials used in the sauna. Choose a relaxing and neutral color, perhaps cream, soft beige or light grey, for the walls, and use a ...

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whereas portable saunas have a remote control to adjust the heat and time. Some users prefer simpler controls, while others feel comfortable with more complicated controls. Read the manufacturer's ...