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New Wagner Flexio 3000 Paint Sprayer

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About Paint Sprayers/

UPDATE: Plymouth Rock, other monuments targeted with spray paint

PLYMOUTH - "Why? Why? Why would someone do this?" Gayle Manning asked as she looked down at vandalized Plymouth Rock Monday morning. The Kingston woman was one of many who traveled to the Plymouth ...

Best HVLP Spray Guns: Execute Exceptional Paint Jobs

But thanks to innovation, we have access to new painting techniques and equipment. One such device is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun. These spray guns paint any surface smoothly and ...

Vandals Spray-Paint Plymouth Rock with Red Graffiti

The rock and other monuments in Plymouth, Massachusetts, were targeted over the weekend.

Pot-bellied pig tortured, spray-painted blue in Kentucky

“Owners moved and left her and now she wanders the roads. To be tortured by the stupid locals. They throw things at her and now decided to spray paint her!! If it soaks into her bloodstream she will ...

‘Zombies 2’ star Milo Manheim tells Daily News about growing up with a famous mom, and his spray-on gray skin

Also, Zed’s a zombie. Manheim, who relished the opportunity to dance and sing in the musical comedy, only had one complaint about Zed: the spray paint-like substance the crew used to turn his skin ...

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How to Apply Behr Paint with a Sprayer

you'll have to thin the paint for it to go through the sprayer nozzle. You can rent an airless sprayer to avoid the cost of buying one. With proper preparation and a little practice with Behr ...

10 Best Home Paint Sprayers

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links on this page. Please give an overall site rating: ...

How to buy the best pressure cleaner

It spins when water flows through it causing the rotary spray action. This provides a wide spray of water and is suitable for large areas that are not too dirty, such as the painted walls of a house.

Top 5 Best Paint Protection Films for Your Car

With a cheap entry-price and good durability, the VViViD Clear Paint Protection Film is a decent product, although we’d say it’s inferior to others from 3M, XPEL, and SunTek. If you buy ...

Decorate Your Home Beautifully With the Best Interior Paints

Use the following guide to choose the best interior paint for your space ... This fast-drying interior paint can be applied with a roller, brush, or sprayer. Buyers can choose from semi-gloss, matte, ...

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How to Distress Furniture With a White Spray Paint

Using white spray paint as part of a distressed look gives that piece a shabby-chic or cottage-style edge, yet, since it's white, it fits into just about any decor scheme. If you're dealing with a ...

Best HVLP Spray Guns: Execute Exceptional Paint Jobs

Painting can be a messy affair if you use the wrong tools. But thanks to innovation, we have access to new painting techniques and equipment. One such device is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray ...

Photos show how fiery protesters using fake blood took over Mexico City in response to the rise of brutal killings of women

The grisly killing of Ingrid Escamilla set off a massive protest among activists who are concerned about the rising trend of femicide in the country.

Spray-Net, Inc. Wins Big at Competition at International Franchise Association's 60th 2020 Annual Convention

Spray-Net, whose mission is to use chemistry & software to deliver the best renovation solutions to homeowners, won the All-Star Round of the IFA's NextGen's Franchising Global Competition this past ...

Spray Paint Walls And Ceilings: Tips To Enlighten Your Home Walls Artistically

Spray painting walls and ceilings is a lot faster than using a brush and a roller to paint them. These tips and hacks will artistically enlighten your walls. Spray painting walls is a new and faster ...