4.812Grizzly G0602Z 10


Deals Ends
Sep-3-2020 10:15:05
Sales Price: 2,020.00

Grizzly G0602Z 10 x 22 Benchtop Metal Lathe with DRO

4.812Lathe Mill Combo 110 volt


Deals Ends
Sep-3-2020 15:43:03
Sales Price: 2,300.00

Lathe Mill Combo 110 volt

4.812Grizzly G4000 9


Deals Ends
Sep-2-2020 14:10:24
Sales Price: 1,640.00

Grizzly G4000 9 x 19 Bench Lathe

4.812Grizzly G0768 8


Deals Ends
Sep-2-2020 14:09:06
Sales Price: 1,510.00

Grizzly G0768 8 x 16 VariableSpeed Benchtop Lathe

4.812Grizzly G9972Z 11


Deals Ends
Aug-15-2020 16:23:44
Sales Price: 2,200.00

Grizzly G9972Z 11 x 26 Bench Lathe w and Gearbox

4.812Grizzly G0752Z 10


Deals Ends
Sep-2-2020 8:00:50
Sales Price: 3,170.00

Grizzly G0752Z 10 x 22 VS Benchtop Lathe with 2Axis DRO

4.812Grizzly G0752 10


Deals Ends
Sep-2-2020 14:09:05
Sales Price: 2,690.00

Grizzly G0752 10 x 22 VariableSpeed Lathe

4.812DAYTON 48WE41 Combination Lathe/Milling Machine,115VAC


Deals Ends
Aug-16-2020 12:49:43
Sales Price: 4,552.24

DAYTON 48WE41 Combination Lathe and Milling Machine,115VAC

4.812AT520 12


Deals Ends
Sep-4-2020 16:47:05
Sales Price: 2,391.33

AT520 12 x 20 Combo Lathe and Mill



Deals Ends
Sep-1-2020 13:16:41
Sales Price: 2,327.60

12 x 24 GearHead Metal Lathe CQ9332

4.812Palmgren 9684504 9


Deals Ends
Sep-4-2020 2:22:23
Sales Price: 2,387.35

Palmgren 9684504 9 x 20 Bench Engine Lathe

4.812AT750 12in x 30in Combo Lathe / Mill


Deals Ends
Sep-4-2020 16:47:06
Sales Price: 2,846.25

AT750 12in x 30in Combo Lathe and Mill

4.812Jet Lathe GH-1460-ZX


Deals Ends
Aug-20-2020 10:05:17
Sales Price: 12,750.00

Jet Lathe GH1460ZX

About Lathes/

About Lathes/

A Buyer’s Guide To Lathe Options

Lathes are complicated machines, and buying one requires weighing a lot of options. We’ve already talked about buying new Asian, or old American machines (with apologies to the Germans ...

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Some smaller machines, such as watchmaker’s lathes, can be stored in a cabinet and pulled out for use. Anything larger will need a permanent home, and should be bolted to the heaviest bench ...

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Lathes/ Buying Guide

A Buyer’s Guide To Lathe Options

Lathes are complicated machines, and buying one requires weighing a lot of options. We’ve already talked about buying new Asian, or old American machines (with apologies to the Germans ...

Scratch Building A Lathe From Pieces Of Granite

but if you’re not quite up to the challenge of cutting your own metal (or granite, as the case may be), [Quinn Dunki] has put together a lathe buying guide that you may find useful. [Thanks to ...

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According to the orders of Ordnance General Benet the two immense iron gun lathes at the South Boston Iron Works are being prepared for removal to the Watervliet Arsenal, West ... View Full Articl ...

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