Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit for Rotary Lift Pacoma cylinders FJ7664 FJ783-12MF

Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit for Rotary Lift Pacoma cylinders FJ7664 FJ783-12MF


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Call our customer service hotline @ 866-902-6060 if you need help identifying which seal kit is best for you! This is 1 seal kit for the hydraulic cylinder found in Rotary 2 post lifts. It meets or exceeds factory sepcs. It fits lifts with capacity between 7,000 and 9000  pounds. This kit rebuilds Pacoma / Massey Ferguson cylinders that rotary used through many years of production.This KIt Rebuilds 1 Cylinder  -HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR CYLINDER IS A PACOMA If your lift has a pacoma cylinder in it, it will be approximately 72" tall with a small bleeder screw at the top. Look 6" below the bleeder screw near the top of the cylinder to see ID stampings (see stamping example in pics). If it reads "Pacoma" or "Made in Germany" this is the proper seal kit for your lift. Also you may find fj7664. If you have your cylinder apart already, compare your piston seal with the one pictured to the left. Pacoma cylinders have distinctive blue double lipped seal on the piston. If you are still unsure if this seal kit will work for you, call our help hotline above and we will be glad to determine what seal kit you need. This kit came in the following model lifts and may fit others as well SP55 SP80-4 SP80-5 SP84-8 SP84-9 SP89-10 SP84-11 SP84-16 SPO84 SPOA84 AR94 SP94 SPO94 SPOA84C AR98 ARO98 spo82 spoa82 sp88 sp98 spo88 SPOA88 DCOA7 SPOA98 AR9 ARO9 SP7 SPO7 SPOA7 SP9 SPO9 SPOA9 TLO7 SPO12-10 -HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE?? This kit usually takes less than an hour to install and can be done with a vice, pipe wrench and a few hand tools. -WHAT THIS KIT WONT' FIT! If you see the letter "TH" or "TX" then your cylinder is not a Pacoma and this seal kit will NOT work with your lift but we offers those seal kits as well in our related products section below. ALSO there is a universal rotary 2 post seal kit that fits virtually all rotary 2 post that can be found below. -RETURN POLICY ON SEAL KITS Our seal kits come in a sealed clear bag. Warning! Do not open bag until your verify you have the right seal kit once your cylinder is torn down. Simply remove your old seals from your cylinder and match them up by holding them next to new seals in bag. If they appear similar inside and outside diameter then you have the correct seals. If your not sure please call us before opening the bag. We will not except returns from open /used seals because you didn't verify fitment first.